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Jessica Franklin is a Jersey native, fashion and lifestyle blogger who founded Heygorjess in February 2013. After graduating from Rutgers Business School, going on to land a full time job at a prominent fashion company was everything she thought she wanted. After two years of juggling work and her passion in blogging, Jessica was faced with her red or blue pill moment that many of us are all too familiar with. The only thing she feared more than failing was the thought of not living out her purpose, so she took a leap of faith and started blogging full time. Jessica is a firm believer that living out your dreams is not a cliche. It is a reality within reach of each of our grasps, if only we’re daring enough to go for it. Her platform grew from encouraging women to embrace their beauty to encouraging all to travel, be healthy, and live for yourself in the most positive light.

Jessica’s passion for instilling confidence in women derives from her own insecurities which she struggled with in her past. She is a product of an interracial marriage and growing up she felt as though she didn’t fit in on either side. Often times she didn’t feel “white” enough, “black” enough, nor pretty enough. It wasn’t until college when Jessica recognized that her feelings resulted from self-doubt and began to love every aspect of herself, especially her big curly hair. This was challenging given her uncertainties as a young girl and because her hair wasn’t always glamorized in society. However, Jessica realized her hair was a vital part of her identity and that she should embrace it rather than run away from it. She hopes that women of all ages, races and walks of life will be encouraged to love themselves for who they are.

Jessica also has a deep passion for philanthropy. At the age of 17 she went on her first missions trip to Costa Rica and her outlook on life inevitably evolved. Jessica’s trip influenced her to take advantage of any opportunity she was afforded in order to give back to those who are less fortunate. Through Heygorjess’ large platform, Jessica has helped others by holding charity events that raise money and partnering with local organizations. She recently donated and partnered with HashtagLunchbagNYC to provide food to the homeless throughout New York City. Jessica’s goal for Heygorjess is to serve as greater purpose to help those in need of a better life.

Jessica now shares her passion and expertise for beauty, fashion, fitness and travel on her blog, YouTube channel and social media platforms which have a devout following of over 100,000 internationally. In addition to her blog and YouTube channel, Jessica has been featured on Elle.comEssence.comTeenVogue.comRevolt.tvTheRoot.comBustle.com and in Glamour Magazine’s November 2016 printed issue.



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