HUE Gotta Have Em’



With this month being the coldest month of the year, I’ve been dreading even the thought of going outside. So when getting dressed I tend to just throw on the warmest pieces of clothing in my closest without even caring how it looks. But I love these HUE tights because I can still wear super cute outfits without freezing to death! I can even wear skirts and feel just a tad closer to Spring.

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Shadows and Light



I think this collaboration with Tobi has been one of my favorite photo shoots thus far (I know I know, I say that every time I shoot with Denisse (@Thugnanny_) — but she’s amazing so I can’t help it.) Plus, I got to work with Marieli (@elledejesus) who is a phenomenal makeup artist! She made my make up look flawless!

Anyways, this was such a great opportunity to work with! They have such cute clothes and TONS to choose from! I have loved their clothes for years. Read on to see what I wore:

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