Younique 3D Mascara Review

I was sent this amazing 3D Fiber Mascara from Younique and I absolutely loveee it! I am super impressed and has definately become a beauty staple of mine!

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Feature Friday: Maiya

Today’s Feature Friday is a very special one–and I don’t even think she realizes it :) . She was one of the very first ones who introduced me to the whole natural hair community that existed on social media. I started following her when I first got an Instagram and I remember her reposting a picture of my hair. I was sooo sooped and excited lol. She definately inspired and encouraged me. So with that said, I am so excited to be featuring her on my website that was partly encouraged by her! Plus she has amazingggg tips and advice on protective styling, retaining length, and life! Check it out :) .

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What I’m Wearing: Frizz Free Curls Bloggers Cruise

Happy Monday beauties! I hope yours was pretty good despite how hard Mondays can be *sighs*. But anyways! I decided to add a brand new segment to my blog called “What I’m Wearing”. Obviously I won’t be sharing what I’m wearing now– because I’m wearing sweats and a Rutgers T-shirt at moment. But I’ll just sharing what I might have worn the day beforeee or this week or maybe just some quick fashion tips. I’ve always absolutely loved fashion, but never really thought of blogging about it. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a “fashionista” but I get so many questions on my outfits so I figured, why not just share what I know? Plus you’d be super surprised at where I shop. I find so many gems for really cheap at places you probably wouldn’t ever think of!

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Feature Friday! That Artista

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.41.57 AM

phileceR1 copy

Ahh so its been awhile since I’ve had a Feature Friday but I am SO excited to have them back up and running and especially with the beautiful and super sweet Philece also known as @ThatArtista! I realized that one of the reasons I love feature friday is because I usually build relationships with people through Instagram, but then I really get to know them through these interviews! I’ve always felt a connection with Philece but now I feel like I know her own a whole other level! Check it out to read this awesome interview!

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