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My Health Journey

vscocam61So I’ve shared with you my natural hair journey, but my health journey was and is also a big part of it! This is because your health dictates the appearance of your hair and skin! If the inside of your body is healthy, then the outside will be as well! When you put junk food, sweets, soda, and other processed foods into your body, then your digestive system has to work super hard to get rid of it because our bodies were not made to digest it. Since it has to work so hard, it wastes tons of energy and then it doesn’t have any energy left to cater to your beauty needs such as your hair and skin. Then, your body tries to store it in forms of fat, and tries to get rid of the toxins in the form of acne and other ways. It also doesn’t have any energy to take care of your hair and make it long, thick, and healthy. Makes too much sense right!? When I discovered this–it changed my wholeee view on eating! It really made me think twice every time I went to reach for that sugary donut or cheesy pizza. Food is soo powerful! It can either be healing and super beneficial, or it can literally be deadly. So I decided to take control of my health and turn it around! Now, I admit this was not an easy transition at all. And I must emphasize–a transition,meaning this didn’t happen overnight. It took time. I started changing my eating habits about a year ago, and I am still changing them. That is why it is a journey! :).

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