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Denisse Benitez Photography

Happy Monday! It has been forever since I’ve posted because I’ve been crazy busy! I’m just trying to keep up with life LOL. But I am definitely going to try and catch up and be more consistent with my posts!

So check out this outfit that I absolutely fell in love with!

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7 Reasons Why Your Hair Might Not Be Growing


Technically, hair always grows unless there is a medical condition or something, but there are a lot of things that can stop your hair from retaining length. I personally have noticed that my hair hasn’t really been getting any longer recently! I feel like it is almost the same length it was when I cut it in February, which is almost a year from now. So of course I was super annoyed by this. Length has been my goal for awhile and for it to barely grow is very frustrating. So I decided to really take some time to think of reasons why my hair might not be growing–and I’ve actually been able to come up with a few good reasons. Check them out if you’ve been having the same issue!

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