How To Eat Healthy, Even on Vacation


So I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about how I would eat while here in Jamaica. Sometimes when I go on vacation, I start eating all crazy and don’t know how to act! But who wants to come back from vacation with extra weight on you? Instead you should come back looking refreshed and hotter! But I’m glad to say that while I’ve been in Jamaica I have eaten the best I have in a long time! Both in regards to the taste and the healthiness!!! It has been so easy to eat healthy here because everything is fresh and organic. There are fruits and vegetables EVERYWHERE! I’ve been eating tons of coconuts, pineapples, papaya, bananas, callaloo (they are like collard greens but taste even better!) and so much more! I am lovinggg it! So I’ve shared a few of my health tips to help you eat healthy on your next vacation too!

Eating Healthy Can Depend On Your Vacation Destination

As I said, Jamaica is an Island fullll of healthy foods! But some places aren’t as naturally healthy. So if you are serious about eating healthy on your vacation, research the places you are traveling to and choose to go somewhere that will definitely have healthy choices. It will make it so much easier than torturing yourself somewhere that barely has any.


This is a delicious fruit called Ackee, used to make a healthy dish called ackee and salt fish. It is one of my favorites!

Choose Healthy Restaurants

Even though Jamaica is full of natural, healthy foods, you can still eat badly by getting beef patties and going to the jerk chicken man everyday! LOL. So before you go to a restaurant, check out what they have! If it is full of junk food, go to another one that has some better choices. Chances are, you’ll be able to find some healthy ones.


Find Local Health Food Stores

My aunt and I ventured out and found the local health food store! We ate this deliciousssss homemade drink that had flax seed, Irish moss, and a whole bunch of other good stuff that I can’t remember lol. The herb lady said that it was good for your immune system, heart, blood pressure, and just your overall health in general! And it tasted sooo so good! Going to places like that are fun, informative and can give you an extra health boost on your vacation!

IMG_1735Allow Yourself To Indulge

You are on vacation! So you don’t want to be stressing about what to eat ALL the time. This doesn’t mean you disregard your health all together. But it is okay to have dessert here and there, or try one of their “signature” foods to get the whole cultural experience. To me, you can’t go to Jamaica without eating some jerk chicken, chicken patties, and coco bread!


Callaloo, Dumplings, and Ackee & Salt fish


Sometimes you can have a “less healthy” food, but compromise so that it isn’t AS bad. For example, I used to loveee eating beef patties! But now that I no longer eat pork and beef, I ate chicken patties instead! And they actually tasted even better! Making little healthy compromises here and there can make a big difference.

IMG_16392 IMG_1736

I hope these guidelines will help you on your next vacation, and even in your everyday life! Just remember, eating healthy isn’t an ALL or nothing deal! Its what you do most of the time that really matters!

IMG_1738Until next time,


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