Benefits of Coconuts for Your Hair, Skin, Health, and Beauty

IMG_1346Recently I’ve developed this great love for coconuts! I use it for my skin, hair, nails, to cook, to eat, to drink, for health—the list goes on and on! It is truly amazing to me. A super food in my book!

So if you follow me on any social media—you know that I am in Jamaica right now, flooding your timelines with loads of pictures lol (sorry! Hehe). Well being here has been coconut heaven! I’ve had soo many coconuts already. And I will probably continue to have more until I leave!

IMG_1340Let me tell you why I love it so much and how I use it!

For Skin

Everyday, I apply coconut oil to my skin. I use it instead of lotion as my moisturizer. Some moisturizers wear off your skin very quickly, and most are filled with chemicals. Since our skin is extremely porous, the chemicals seep through our skin and into our organs. So coconut is a much better alternative. It also makes your skin look great! Especially in the summer! I remember one time someone told me it looked like I had stockings on because the coconut oil made my legs look so flawless!

For Hair and Nails

Coconut oil is amazing for your hair. It moisturizes, softens, and promotes growth! When I can, I moisturize my scalp with it to help it grow. I also deep condition with it from time to time, especially in the winter when my hair gets super dry. Coconut oil’s particles are small enough to seep into your scalp–so they penetrate moisture into it instead of just being on the surface! Every night I apply it to my ends with water, and then seal it with Aloe Vera (to keep the moisture in). It is super helpful for keeping my ends strong and from splitting! It is also good for certain styles–like when I do my bantu-knot/twistouts. It makes my hair so smooth and shiny. These same benefits goes for nails. If you apply it to your cuticles, it’ll make them grow strong and long! Try it! Just don’t apply it to your toes! LOL


To Cook

Coconut oil is said to be the healthiest oil in the world! Compared to vegetable or olive oil- it is much better for cooking because it is stable enough to withstand the heat without becoming harmful and fattening to your body. So I cook with it instead and I don’t even taste the difference! If anything it subconsciously tastes better since it’s healthy! I also add coconut water to my Green Smoothies!

For Health

So I’m on this trip with my beautiful, wonderful aunt—and she has high blood pressure. She tells our driver and he says—“No mon, don’t take medicine! Drink coconut and your high blood pressure will go ‘way”. So we pull over to this tiny shack and the owner chops us up 2 coconuts right before our eyes. It was so great to drink pure, organic coconut water straight from it! It was delicious! And sure enough that night her blood pressure went down! So now we have been drinking 1 every night! Not only are coconuts good for high blood pressure, but it lowers cholesterol, enhances immunity, promotes weight loss, and it is a good source of fiber!


Random facts: It has a shelf life of 2 years. It protects skin from 20% of UV rays. I use Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil for my skin and hair, and any brand of coconut water.

Until next time!


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    Very Good post, it completely focus on “Benefits of Coconut”. Coconut contains fatty acids with so many powerful medicinal properties. Thanks you for this informative post.

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