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Younique 3D Mascara Review

I was sent this amazing 3D Fiber Mascara from Younique and I absolutely loveee it! I am super impressed and has definately become a beauty staple of mine!

So below in the top picture is me with regular mascara on–and the bottom picture with the 3D Mascara on. As you can see they are a lot thicker and longer in the bottom picture. The mascara literally adds little baby fibers onto your lashes so its almost like you’re getting temporary lash extensions!


Some people have said that they think the mascara looks very clumpy. But I lovee the volume and looks it gives. So I don’t care lol. Plus it really isn’t too clumpy too me–and I usually don’t like clumpy lashes. But if you really don’t like that then this wouldn’t be for you. The only negetative to me though is the price–$29.00. But I won’t be wearing it everyday because it does provide a very dramatic look so I’ll save it for the weekends when dressing up and stuff. So I think it’ll last for a really long time.


Also just to clarify–you apply this on top of your regular mascara. This isn’t a completely mascara–which is fine to me but I wanted to let you know in case you get excited to get in the mail and then end up having to go to work mascara-less because you didn’t have any at all lol.

If you want to purchase you can buy it here:

Thanks again Lauren from Younique for sending it to me!



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