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Taren Guy’s Love & Learn Your Hair Tour

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Taren Guy’s Love & Learn Your Hair Tour NYC! It was an amazing event and truly inspiring. It was awesome to see so many different women with so many different hair textures, colors, lengths, and styles. The natural hair community is so diverse and beautiful! I love it.

Taren Guy

So when I got there it was PACKED! I could barely move around and see Taren lol. I got there a little late, so she already had a few people from the crowd on stage. There was someone with curly hair, another with kinkier hair, anddddd I honestly couldn’t see or hear the third one haha! But she asked everyone some general questions and then asked them to state some things they don’t like about their hair. Of course, everyone had something to say. Some didn’t like their shrinkage, others didn’t like their dryness, their texture etc. This helped us all realize that none of us are fully satisfied with our hair. We all wish we could change something and we are not alone in the struggle! So we really have to work on being content with our hair so that we can truly love and enjoy it.

Also, she had two girls get a big chop on stage in front of everyone! *Gasp*. I’m not going to lie I was shocked! Cause I could never lol. But these girls were so brave! Their haircuts came out so good and it was definitely an awesome way to start their natural hair journey!

Another cool part of the night was the panel. Some of the panelists were Tameeka McNeil-Johnson, Ty Alexander, and Julee Wilson. It was super interesting! They talked about their experience dating while natural, being natural in the workplace, and raising their daughters to embrace their natural hair. They all admitted that there are definitely many challenges, but they really encouraged us to embrace who we are and what God made us to be instead of caring what other people think of us. There are so many people who love and accept natural hair, so there is no need to change who we are to please society.

My favorite part of the night of course was meeting my favorite naturals! Ahhhhhh I was soooo excited and giddy to meet Heyfranhey! I’ve loved her SOO much ever since she started!!! It was definitely the highlight of my week to meet her lol. She was a sweetheart of course and super personable.


I also got to meet the stunning Shameless Mya! She was super humble and such a pleasure to meet!

Shameless MyaMy girl Princess Linzz was there!

Princess Linzz

And I went with my girls Tameeka and Danae! We had a blast :).

Me and My Girls Tameeka and Danae

The biggest thing I took home from this event was inspiration and motivation. I admire Taren’s hustle so much. She has worked super hard to really build and nurture her brand I really look up to her and pray I can eventually follow in her footsteps! She reminds me that with hard work and dedication it is possible.



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