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Ready for the Holidays With Grace Eleyae SLAPs

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Winter is quickly approaching and the cooler weather is definitely here. During this season our hair goes through so much and is greatly affected. I am so happy I discovered these amazing hats like no other, the Grace Eleyae satin-lined caps (SLAPs)! They are satin-lined caps that have a super cute appearance while protecting your hair. These prove that hair health doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the sake of appearance or function!

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I’ve heard great thing about SLAPs before but didn’t realize how much I would love them until I had the chance to try them myself! They are made with great quality and are super soft while having the ability to stretch a lot so they can cover your hair completely not matter how much you have! I was so pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to fit my super long and thick marley twists into the entire cap!

I also love that SLAPs have an elastic band so that they don’t slide off. I usually have that issue while wearing hats because my hair is so big and curly. Most hats either don’t fit at all, or they slide right off. I’ve even had to pin a hat on my head before with bobby pins lol! These caps on the other hand fit nice and snug, yet still very comfortable.

I use my SLAPs for many different reasons and occasions. One reason is simply for staying warm and cute without causing frizz or damage to my hair. Many hats are made out of materials that snag on your hair and cause breakage, but the satin in these SLAPs are great protection!

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Lastly you can use it to cover your entire hair for sleeping, working out, waiting for a twist-out to dry (well all know that struggle lol), or protecting it from the harsh winter conditions. When I venture throughout New York City I hate having my hair so exposed to the cold and wind. This cap is a cute and functional way to protect it without causing frizz or damage.

I love these SLAPs and they are so perfect for this Holiday season! Whether you’re wearing it to a Holiday event, family gathering, or want to gift it to someone special, they are so great to have. You can purchase them here: They have many colors and also tons of other products including pillowcases, scrunchies and baseball-style hats, so be sure to check them all out!

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