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My (mostly) Natural Skin Care Regimen

For many people, their skin is one of the most important things on their outer appearance. Flawless skin is what we all long for–yet it is so difficult to achieve! I’ve definitely went through different stages with my skin with breakouts here and there and then the scars that come with it! Ugh– so annoying! At one point last year, I went through a stage of having lots of breakouts. I was so upset! I just wanted to hide under a rock and I had to cake loads of makeup on to cover it. I felt like every person I met was staring right at my blemishes. It affected my self esteem for sure.

So now, my skin is definitely not perfect– but it is clear and I can say I am happy with it! I have a simple regimen using natural products except one product which I’ll list below! Hopefully this regimen will work for you too!

Face wash:

African Black Soap

I love this soap for numerous reasons! One– it is all natural so that is a huge plus in itself. It contains shea powder, palm oil, coconut oil, Vitamins A & E, and other great ingredients. It also has loads of healing properties. Its good for thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and eliminating blemishes. I use this twice a day-morning and night. Oh and it is only about $3.00 and it lasts forever! I’ve literally had mine for like 8 months! Lol you really can’t beat that!


Apple Cider Vinegar

As you know, I use this to cleanse my hair–but I also use it as my toner! It helps with both dry and oily skin because it has a pH of 3 which helps to balance your skin’s pH to a perfect level. It helps to unclog poors resulting in less breakouts- and it helps a lot with scars. After using it for a few weeks you should notice a clearer, more even skin tone after using this! I keep it in a little squirt bottle with half water half ACV from Face Values or whatever, and then just apply it to my face using a cotton ball after I wash my face!


Coconut Oil (Believe it or not)

So many people are shocked because the thought of putting oil on their face is almost terrifying lol. But natural oils are actually great for your skin! I love coconut oil cause it is super moisturizing and antibacterial. After applying it my skin is always super soft and has a natural glow! I also use it as a makeup remover! It removes my eye make up right off I always make sure to leave extra coconut oil around my eyes because it prevents wrinkles and the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive and first to age!

Acne Cream

Bentonite Clay Mask

This mask is ahhmazing! It is used to open your pores and dig deep to clean out the impurities. You can literally feel your face tingle as you use it! If you have bad break outs– use it everyday until it starts clearing up. Then when you get it under control you can use it 3-4 days a week or so. You combine about 2 Tbsp with 2 Tbsp of ACV or until it is a thick, clay-like consistency. Leave it on for 20 mins or until it dries hard and then rinse it off with warm water. Then just apply your moisturizer after and your on your way to clearer, more beautiful skin!


So even though I tried to have an all natural skin care regimen, that alone wasn’t enough for those crazy breakouts I ws having. So after being stubborn for awhile I finally went to the dermatologist and they gave me this cream that works very well! I just put it on the breakouts when they come– not my enitre face (after the ACV and before the mositurizer). If you have very bad breakouts and natural remedies alone don’t work (including tons of water and a healthy diet) then seeing what your dermotologist can do.

So thats my whole skin care regimen, pretty simple right? Hope you found this helpful!



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