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My Minimal Heat Blowout

I just took out my sew in extensions last week that I had for about two months and I must say it feels so good for my head to be free! I was so tired of it! But then I got tired of my wash and go after like two days! Lol I’m just so over it right now. Idk if its the weather, or I need another Deva cut or what! But I’m really hating it. I think in the summer though I’ll start loving it again, but for now I’m going to try some different things. So that’s why I did a blow out on my natural hair without a flat iron or blow dryer to avoid heat damage.

So how did I achieve a blowout without a blow dryer or flat iron?? I did a roller set at the Dominican hair salon! I didn’t wanna do this myself because one, I don’t have a dryer or rollers. Two, I have absolutely no patience for alladat (all of that–lol). And three, I knew they would be able to put the rollers in super tight so that my hair would get as straight as possible.

Even though I still had to use heat with a roller set, it is hardly any direct heat. The dryer actually wasn’t even that hot at all (surprisingly). I wasn’t even sure if my hair would dry because it was such low heat, but it still did in about an hour and 20 mins.

It was soo hilarious going there though because the stylist did not know how in the world to handle my hair lol. They were like “Mami you have so much hair you killllll me.” Hahaha and then when I told them I wasn’t getting it blown out or flat ironed– just the roller set, they were shocked and so confused. They were like “Why not? What are you going to do with it? No blow dry at all?? Do you know what to do with it?” Haha! I’m thinking like dang what are you trying to say? Playing my life right now lol. But anyway after they took the rollers out it was definitely still poofy and not as straight as it is now and in the pictures you see here. So I had them wrap it and then I slept in a doobie overnight. When I woke up it was pretty straight. Then after that, I put it in a tight, low pony tail with a satin scarf over it and put my hair in one big two strand twist. This helped to flatten my hair and roots, and give a nice wave to my hair while minimizing frizz. And that was it! It was so easy and I def got the look I wanted. I actually kinda even like this a little more than flat ironed hair because of the body it gives me. I’m very happy with it.

The only negative with going to the Dominican hair salon for a roller set as opposed to doing it myself is that they did not care about my ends at all while combing through it. I was so worried I was gonna get crazy breakage from it. So I think the next time I go I’m going to go with it washed, conditioned and super detangled so they won’t have to yank through it again.


I hope this gives you another way for you to get a blow out without heat damage! Let me know if it works for you!

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