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My Devachan Cut


About a month ago, I got the best hair cut I’ve ever gotten! I went to the Deva Chan Salon in New York. (On Broadway in Soho). I normally don’t like getting big hair cuts because I want my hair to grow—so I normally trim it myself. But since I had some heat damage in the front, I figured I should leave it to the professionals. And I’m soo happy I did! Getting the right cut is soo important! It impacts how your hair grows and how the curls look. The Devachan salon specializes in cutting curly hair. They cut it dry so that they are sure they get the right shape. And they cut all types of hair. From 2a to 4c curls. It was amazing to see all the different textures in the salon!

So why did I love my Deva Cut so much? Well, not only did my stylist get rid of all the heat damage—but she also gave me layers and more of a shape. My hair really had no shape at all before the cut—so I really needed this. Now my hair is rounder and has more body. The layers also made my hair a lot more manageable!! And Lord knows I needed that! The straggly, heat damaged ends made it harder to detangle. Now that the heat damage is gone, my curls pop a lot more and they are more defined. It’s amazing what a good hair cut can do!


Other than my haircut, I also loveeddd the service! First off, my hair stylist was awesome and sooo sweet! Her name is Melanie, so if you go—ask for her! My sister has gotten 3 cuts from her, so I knew she would do a great job. As a part of the service, they offered me ice tea, champagne, water etc. and they dressed me in an adorable silk drape. Then she took her time cutting my hair and making sure she cut the curls perfectly. After the cut she washed my hair, which was my favoriteee part! It was so relaxing–like I was at a spa! Lol the chair was like a massage chair and soo comfy. And the wash was so relaxing. I almost fell asleep LOL. After the wash she styled it, put Devachan One Conditioner in it, and set my hair under the dryer. The results were awesome with their products! But I think it was only because I sat under the dryer. I bought the Deva Chan products to try to get the same results at home and it didn’t work for me without sitting under the dryer. But my hair definitely looked amazing when she was done!


The only thing I will mention is that if you have heat damaged or really dead ends—be prepared to lose some length. I lost more than I wanted, but I trusted my hair stylist and I know she didn’t just go scissor happy lol. I needed those ends cut and now my hair is a lot healthier. Always choose health over length! Your hair will thrive a lot more that way and it’ll grow even longer and faster. Plus, it’ll look a lot better!


So if you have heat damage, want to do the big chop, or you just want some cute layers—I definitely recommend this salon! Oh! And make sure if you go you tell them that Jessica Franklin (that’s my full name) referred you! That’ll give me a discount for next time I go! ;).


Me and My Stylist, Melanie


Until next time,


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