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So today I refreshed my black hair color again a few days ago and it inspired me to write this post! Some of you may or may not know that my current hair color is not my natural hair color. (Guess I’m not that natural after all, huh? *Lol*). It is naturally dark brown, not black. I recently dyed it black 2 years ago after being blonde for about 4 years. I loved the blonde at the time, but it just really damaged my hair. It also didn’t help that I straightened it a lot and didn’t take care of it by deep conditioning and moisturizing like I should. So thats why I dyed it black.

Here’s a picture of me with lighter hair. As you can see, it didn’t look as healthy as it does now!

Now, of course I could have transitioned from blonde back to my natural color, but I wanted some thing more dramatic. Brown is just boring to me (no offense to anyone with brown hair lol!). But if I wasn’t going to be blonde, I needed to have something drastic. So thats why I went with the black. I love black because it is just so intense and rich. And it makes your hair look sooo healthy and shiny, I love it! BUT! I must say, recently I was super tempted to get some highlights again! I was getting a little bored and there are so many curly girls out there with beautiful color! But I resisted the urge to color and refreshed the black again because I didn’t want any type of damage.

So to dye my hair black I use a rinse by Clairol called Natural Instincts. It is ammonia free and it is supposed to rinse out after 10 washes or so but it barely does lol. That’s okay for me though because I want it to be permanent. But it is definitely healthier than regular dye and my hair is actually super soft and shiny after I use it.

Now I don’t want to completely discourage anyone from getting color! I know many people who have color and their hair is still very healthy. And I will probably give in one day and get some highlights lol. But I do think that dark hair does keep my hair the healthiest it could possibly be so I’m trying to stick with it instead.

Also, don’t forget using eye shadow to temporarily color your hair is a great alternative! My friend Mel from told me about this technique and I love it! You can watch the tutorial I have on it here:


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