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Holiday Gift Ideas With Urban Decay

Every Holiday when people ask me what I want, I also say make up! It’s something I can never get enough of and I’m always excited when it’s given to me. Urban Decay has tons of great make up options that are perfect for gifting!

I put together a fun Holiday glam look using some of the makeup I think would be great to give to a loved one!

I had a lot of fun with my eye makeup. I used Urban Decay’s NAKED ULTIMATE BASICS Eyeshadow Palette which has all of the essential colors! I’m literally in love it. It’s the perfect combo of all the different NAKED palette shades into one! I used the color “Blow” as a base and then used Urban Decay’s FULL SPECTRUM Eye Shadow Palette. This palette is super fun, filled with bright, vibrant colors. It’s perfect for the Holidays and New Years! I applied “Warning” which has a nice copper/orange tone, and a little bit of “Platonic” which is a black color to make my eyes a little smokey. Both shades have a really nice shimmer! 

I then added even more shimmer and glitter with Urban Decay’s LIQUID MOONDUST Eyeshadow in colors “Recharged” and “Zap”. “Recharged” is really fun with a pink/rose gold color, and “Zap” is a true gold. This was my first time using it and I’m completely hooked now! It provides the perfect amount of glitter and shimmer without being too much, so it’s perfect for different types of occasions depending on how much or little you put on.

After I added a winged eyeliner with Urban Decay’s RAZOR SHARP Longwear Liquid Eyeliner in “Demolition”. It has a fine tip allowing it to apply clean and easy. It also has a nice shimmer and is water resistant!

To complete the look, of course I had to apply some lashes! I used Urban Decay’s URBAN LASH lashes. The type I used were “Entrapment.” They make a big statement but still look fairly natural. I also like to use the “Tricked Out” lashes for when I want a little more glam and boldness.

Finally, I applied Urban Decay’s VICE LIPSTICK in “Amulet”. It has a nice brown tone and went perfect with my eye shadow! There’s a total of 100 shades so there are tons to choose from and all different types including Matte, Metallized, Cream, Shimmer, and more!

I hope you are inspired by all of these great and fun gift ideas (or if you’re like me, you’ll end up buying for both yourself and a loved one lol! No judgment here!).

Below are the links to everything pictured above:


FULL SPECTRUM Eye Shadow Palette

RAZOR SHARP Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner





Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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