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Having Versatility With Natural Hair

If you follow me on IG you can see that I’ve had my hair straight for about 4 weeks now. First I flat ironed my hair, and then I got a full sew in with just a little bit of hair out (which I plan on keeping for about 2 months). I like sew in because one, it really does protect my hair and allow it to have a break from any manipulation and heat, and two– I love having hair down to my butt! LOL. But to be honest, I kind of struggled in my head a little bit to make this decision. I’ve straightened my hair and have gotten a weave before but I got heat damage from straightening my hair too much. And on the top of that, I felt like I wasn’t truly “natural” during the time my hair was straight! Now–I’m not saying that it is okay to just burn your hair and treat it any type of way (I’m still a huge advocate for healthy hair before anything). I still use very minimal heat, heat protectant, and have only a tiny bit of hair out so that if I do get a little bit of heat damage, I can just cut that part off and layer it (when I take the weave out I’ll let you know how the health of my hair is!) But what I am trying to say is that you can do whatever you want with your natural hair! Don’t worry too much that you don’t allow yourself to have fun with your hair and switch itup how YOU want it.

I’m learning that there are ways that you can still straighten and color your hair without causing major damage. Look at how blonde Taren Guy’s hair is? Sure, its not as healthy as it was without color–but she still dyed it in a way that she can maintain its health while having the look she desires! So I say all this to say that at the end of day hair is really just hair. Change it up when you get bored. Do whatever you want with it. And have fun with it! That’s really what matters :).


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