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Feature Friday! Paris


image-7Happy Friday everyone!! Today is everyone’s favorite day of the week PLUS feature Friday with a beautiful guest today! Paris is absolutely GORJESS! She is stunning and her hair is amazing and flawless! Yet she is still extremely humble, sweet and down to earth! I love people like her! It’s what makes her stand out from everyone. So I really enjoyed getting to know her more through some of our emails and this awesome and informative interview! Get to know her more as well by reading it below :).

image11. Name and where you are from:

My name is Paris Jardine and I am from Manchester in the UK!

2. Tell us about yourself!

Well…. I am a 22 year old student of mixed English and Jamaican heritage. I’m currently in my second year at University studying for a degree in fashion marketing, which I love! I’m visually creative which is often displayed in my work and I am a SERIOUS perfectionist! I danced for about 6 years (a combination of ballet, tap, jazz and street) up until I was 17 when I got fed up and wanted a change. Out with the old, in with the new right? In my spare time, I bake and sell cupcakes (check them out on my Instagram page), unfortunately this also means regular trips to the gym because I’m constantly trialling new recipes which of course I have to try myself first * wipes cake crumbs from mouth *. I wont pretend to you that I like going to the gym because I hate it with a passion but I love the feeling after a good workout. Oh, and I’m a total hair junkie :)image-53. How long have you been natural?

Consistently? Around 4-5 years now. I got introduced to my first pair of hair straighteners when I was 14 and I can honestly say it was the biggest mistake of my life. At that point, having straight hair was the be-all-end-all for me, I couldn’t think of anything better… I could finally be “normal” and fit in with everybody else. Curly hair just wasn’t the “in” thing back then and I certainly didn’t want to be the one to stand out! The turning point came when I was about to go on holiday with some friends and I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of straightening my hair daily so I opted for a wash and go… except my curls were no longer thick and bouncy like they were. What I had couldn’t even be classified as curls. My hair was thinning at the temple and I had lost my entire length not to mention volume and elasticity. It was completely ruined! It’s fair to say I cried that day and from that point forward I vowed never to use a pair of straighteners again. Now I embrace my curls and just wish I’d done it sooner rather than later.


4. How would you describe your hair? What does it mean to you?

My hair is quite temperamental, some days it can look big and bouncy and other days not so much, I honestly think it has a mind of its own! Right now, my hair means everything to me. When I look back at my hair during the first stages of transition and I look at it now, I am reminded of how far I have come and how much further I have yet to go. I can finally say I am proud to have natural hair and I think all women should embrace their natural side.

5. What is your natural hair regimen (including the products you use)?

I don’t like to wash my hair too often as it can get really dry and the volume is never the same so I generally wash every 2-3 weeks with “Doo Gro” Moisturizing Gro Shampoo and Gro Repair Conditioner. My hair gets really knotty and I cant use a comb to detangle as the teeth literally break (lol) so I use a Tangle Teezer brush which is absolutely amazing, I swear by it! If like me, you use up almost a whole bottle of conditioner trying to detangle your hair then this is the one! It detangles in half the time and doesn’t cause breakage. I then towel dry my hair and massage Do Gro leave in treatment into my scalp. For daily styling, I use “At One with Nature leave in conditioner”. It’s really essential to keep your hair moisturised especially if you have colour treated hair like my own, so this is perfect for me as it’s really light and dries quickly. I then spray in a little Soft n Free curl moisturising spray. I never use a brush for styling, I simply finger comb the products through my hair. For added volume, I give my hair a quick blast with the hairdryer and scrunch (without the diffuser as this makes my hair shrink).

6. How do you retain your length and keep your hair healthy?

I have bleach highlights put in every 12 weeks, which can be really harsh on your hair if not looked after properly so I always opt to have a deep conditioning treatment straight after. I also use a leave in conditioner daily. I think keeping your hair moisturized is the key to healthy hair and healthy hair is the key to length! I’m currently working on my length and have set myself a little 6 month target.

7. Who is your hair crush?

Omg I have so many! I am obsessed with natural hair! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) nobody famous, just girls I have found on instagram <<<<< and wow are they beautiful! Here are a few that I follow @nenvsky @ownbyfemme @lyneezzy @stebertramrose @frankeerose @envyme_mary. @halfietruths

image-18. What are your favorite natural hair styles?

I absolutely love the Mohawk. I enjoy doing it in my own hair and I love seeing how other people do it too!

image-99. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned during your natural hair journey?

The greatest lesson I have learned is, don’t mess with what god gave you because that’s where your true beauty lies. It took me several years to realise this. I find it so inspiring when I read other peoples’s stories and the progress they have made, It’s amazing to see. Going natural is not just physical appearance, it’s about confidence and self esteem.

10. Is there a website/blog/Twitter/Instagram where we can find you?

You can find me on instagram @pariisjay

11. Is there any other advice you’d like to leave us with?

If you have curly/afro hair… heat is a no go! I learned the hard way and boy did I learn! It’s never too late to turn back. So do it! Make that change today! The transition is hard at first and there will be days when you want to give up and go back to your old hair routine, but in the long run it will be the best things you ever did so be patient. Also, if you are thinking of having colour put into your hair, especially bleach, then please DO NOT do it yourself unless you are a qualified hairdresser. Always make sure you go to a professional who you can trust, rather than use a home dying kit because you will get much better results and there is a lesser risk of damage. Yes it is more expensive but is your hair worth it? Yes it is!

 Hope you enjoyed reading about this beauty!! Thanks again Paris!! <3
Until next time,

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