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Feature Friday! Halfietruths


vscocam106Ahhh today is the day I’ve been anxiously waiting for!!’s first feature on Feature Friday with the beautiful Kenya, also known as Halfietruths!!! I met this gorjess fellow Curlygirl on instagram through my sister (Tara aka @taralindaaa) who met her on instagram too lol! And we all bonded instantly. I was drawn to her page by her hugeeeee, perfect curls, and her hilarious outgoing personality. Then after getting to know her more through email and such, we realized that we have soooo much in common. Our personalities are super similar! I truly feel like we’ve met before lol! Its crazy how social media can bring people together–I love it!

Ok ok so I want you to get to all the great stuff she shared so I’m going to stop talking now and let you enjoy reading all of the awesome tips and information she has for you guys. You’ll truly be inspired!!!

Screen-shot-2013-02-28-at-11.50.07-PM1. Name and where your from/live:

Heygorjess readers!! My name is Kenya aka @Halfietruths & I live in the ATL Shawty, where the playas play… by way of Knoxville, Chicago & Miami…I’ll explain more later:)

Screen-shot-2013-03-01-at-9.49.41-AM2. Tell us about yourself!

Lets see…I’m in my 30’s, I know, shocking right, feel free to gush about how young I look! I would describe myself as brassy, loyal & honest. I manage a boutique (bougie) gym & in my me-time, I blog about my life, take pictures of my hair, the food I eat & the clothes I wear….like most chics:) I appear to be an extrovert because I’m a social media junkie, but I’m the truest kind of introvert (she NEEDS her alone time) & I’m actually a pretty private person…about the important stuff anyways. My friends call me a porta potty because I keep such a small team & not everyone can come in! I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago & then I went to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, so I’m a Vol For Life, I don’t care who the coach is or how awesome we have become at losing, #VFL ya hear me! I then moved to Chicago for grad school, where I really grew up & fell in love with the one city that will always have my heart #chitowngirlforlife. I danced for the Bulls for 3 years & then moved to Miami where I danced for the Heat for another 3 years. I eventually moved to the Atl Shawty (where the playas play) in the name of love & instead I found myself:) So I think that covers all of our first date questions!

3. How long have you been natural?

Almost four years! I transitioned for a year and then did my BC (big chop) in 2010! It was the best & smartest thing I’ve done to my hair. I always tell people if you’re transitioning, CHOP IT, if you’re scary about the length, CHOP IT, if you want your hair to be healthy and grow, CHOP IT…overcoming the fear is part of going natural. You’re spirit that is addicted to the length or afraid of the lack thereof, will heal! CHOP IT!! The week I chopped, I cried. Looking back… it was ridiculous…but necessary. I mourned a part of me that was gone, and good riddance because I’m way more fab now (CHOP IT;) ) But seriously, my hair grew back fast & I never looked back!

vscocam1114. How would you describe your hair? What does it mean to you?

I would physically describe my hair as a mostly 3b&c curls and some 3a on the top layers. I know some people don’t like to hair type because it groups us and the natural movement is about being free and unique, but I do hair type. It’s the type-A in me. I need structure and systems. It helps me explain how and why I use certain products or why I choose a certain method to maintain a style…it just helps me explain and understand if we are all speaking the same language. My hair is thick, not coarse, but sturdy, and dries out quickly when I don’t properly protect it (pineapple) at night. My curls are unruly and BIG and I love that I never know what I’m gonna get! Sometimes the curls are frizzy, sometimes I get shrinkage, sometimes I don’t, sometimes my product is defining, sometimes its useless…its hair roulette. My hair is really versatile & I experiment with it a lot but I feel the most me, when I am curly. I feel the most me when my hair is ridiculously big and everywhere, and this leads me to what my curls mean to me…My curls are the physical manifestation of my spirit: big, unruly and it cannot, will not, be contained!

5. What is your natural hair regimen (including the products you use)?
On the regular, I’m a wash-n-go gal! I wash once a week and pineapple at night. I use Tresemme Naturals-Moisture shampoo & conditioner. I swear by this conditioner as a detangler. I use Mane & Tail as my leave-in. I section my hair in the shower and shampoo, then rinse & repeat. I section it again for the conditioner & this is when I detangle with a paddle brush around this time is also when my hot water runs out! I rinse and apply my leave-in and paddle brush it through my hair to make sure its everywhere! For a styler, I use Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Miss Jessies Curly Pudding depending on the kind of curls I want. SM leaves my curls fluffy & loose & MJ leaves my curls really defined with some shrinkage. I diffuse my hair for about 15 minutes to seal the product and give volume. I don’t dry it; I leave it damp & let it air-dry the rest of the way.
6. How do you retain your length and keep your hair healthy?
I try to minimize direct heat for sure! Right now I’m on a 6-month heat strike, but before that I only did blowouts maybe once every two months. I think keeping your hair moisturized will help it look healthy & promote growth! Easy on the heat! Protect it (pineapple for me) at night! Conditioner is your bestie!
7. How do you get your blow out look without using heat?

Oy vey! It took me almost a month to perfect this process & it’s not for the faint of heart, but I’m so glad I figured it out! I think it will extend my no-heat strike…maybe! It’s basically a roller-set. I air-dried it (for 15hrs), then high-bunned it (for a day) & then wrapped it (for a night). I broke down the whole 3-day process & you can read more about it on under Hair Happiness. It’s definitely worth a shot if you want a blownout look without the heat!

8. Who is your “hair crush”?

I have so many & I found all of my hair crushes on IG. @Charmsie @Frenchyfatim @Askproy @Shinestruck @Santinihoudini @Michellecortez @Staceyhashh @Sue_dcg @fae101 @THehoneybee …the list goes on and on!! & the best part is most of them are regular chics, just doing extraordinary things!

9. What are your favorite natural hair styles?

I’m drawn to gals with wash-n-go styles because that’s my look! But I looooove fros, true huge fros! Like @Tarenguy. And Marley twists or Havana twists are my favorite protective style & bantu knots are my favorite manipulation.

10. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned during your natural hair journey?

This is my hair’s world…I’m just living in it! My natural hair journey has taught me Submission. There is beauty in Surrender. There is strength in Yielding. I accept whatever my hair chooses to do. Being natural has taught me that I am not in control here. And…really that’s the truth for most of what we are doing in life. Once I gave into the journey, that’s when I started to grow…more than hair. It’s been beautiful.

11. Is there a Website/Blog/Instagram where we can find you?

Yes!! Please find me, everywhere!!

  • My Blog Halfietruths (me & my journey):
  • Instagram (straight flexin): @Halfietruths
  • Twitter (rants & random thoughts): @Halfietruths
  • I also contribute to a lifestyle blog Mama Knows Best: My pieces are usually under Hair Happiness & MKB Love

12. Is there any other advice you’d like to leave us with?

Yep! Don’t overuse product. Protect your hair when you sleep. Eat bacon. Get a haircut when your hair is wet & curly & by someone who understands shape. Choose Happy, every time. Don’t compare your hair journey to anyone else. Date good boys & girls, the bad boys & girls are bad for your mind, body & soul. Don’t get hung up on length, shrinkage or texture…its just hair! Hug a lot, longer & harder. Embrace your hair at every stage, I love my length, but I miss my poof. You never get to breathe in the same space twice, so breathe in light & breathe out love…& take care of you luvvs, there’s only one.


There you have it!! Don’t you just love her!? Make sure to follow her everywhere to get even more hair tips and to know her more!

Until next time,


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