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Feature Friday! Alyssa

I don’t know if it is just me– but it feels like I haven’t posted a Feature Friday in awhile! So today I have a new awesome feature! Her name is Alyssa and she is super sweet with beautiful curls! Not only did she give great advice for you guys, but she was kind enough to give me advice as a fellow Vlogger :). Read the rest of the interview to find out more about her.

1. Name and where you are from:
Hey! I’m Alyssa, born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

2. Tell us about yourself!
I am a new YouTuber who is still trying to find my passion. If I buy something, it’s probably pink because that’s my favorite color. I was born Indiana but I’m destined to live some place tropical and warm. I try to be as self-sufficient as I can, but I draw the line at car repairs. I have emetophobia, which is the fear of vomit. I will tuck and roll out of a moving vehicle if someone even mentions their tummy hurts. Oh, and I’m a sneakerhead at heart who spends hours hoping a dreaming.

3. How long have you been natural and what made you decide to do so?
I got my last Japanese straightener in 2007-2008ish, I don’t really remember because it wasn’t exactly a conscious decision. There was kind of like an AHA! moment when I noticed that even though I had new growth, I was still able to get my hair super straight with heat. From that point on, I just quit worrying about needing a relaxer. It wasn’t until 2011 that I actually decided to embrace my natural curls. I was tired of always having straight hair and I also wanted to progress from collarbone length hair. YouTube was kind of like an instruction pamphlet for my hair. My savior.

4. How would you describe your hair? What does it mean to you?
My hair is kind of like my twin sister. Sometimes we get along great, while other times….she ain’t so pleasant. She’s got an amazing personality, even though sometimes she can be dry. But what can I say, we’re besties! I continue to learn from her everyday. Just like twins, we’re inseparable BUT I am not my hair.

5. What is your natural hair regimen (including the products you use)?
I’ve got a video on my YouTube channel showing my Wash’N Go method. I just use Aussie Moist conditioner and that’s it!

6. How do you retain your length and keep your hair healthy?
I always keep my hair moisturized with oil. My favorite is olive oil. I am also very gentle with my hair at all times. I hardly use combs or brushes, but when I do I never rip through my curls. I only use heat every few months, if that. I also get trims every 6 months or less.

7. What is your favorite natural hair style?
I absolutely LOVE doing three strand twistouts! I will be making a tutorial on how I do it very soon, I’m so excited!!

8. Who is your hair crush?
I’ve never really had a hair crush. I love so many curly girls that I never put one at the top of my list. But, thinking back to when I first started my journey, I was always obsessed with Shameless Maya’s hair before she did the brave shave. I loved her hair texture and shine!

9. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned during your natural hair journey?
I’ve learned how to be independent. Having natural hair means hard work. Yes, it’s easier to go to a hairstylist once a week and have her take care of it. But, this journey has forced me to learn how to do things for myself. I have also learned to be patient. Good things don’t come instantly. I want really long hair but I’ve grown to appreciate the time it’s going to take to get that.

10.What is your favorite life lesson ?
Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

11. Is there a website/blog/Twitter/Instagram where we can find you?

12. Is there any other advice you’d like to leave us with?
Be patient! Your hair goal will come sooner than you think if you just stick with it! Take care of your hair like you would a newborn baby! Good Luck!

Isn’t she a doll? Love her! Hope you enjoyed it! :)



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