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Photography by Vaughn Dabney

Okay where do I even begin!? I had the honor of being the official Social Media Correspondent Curly Girl Collective’s CURLFEST event this Sunday along with MoKnowsHair of in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday. Words really can’t describe how perfect this event was– but I’ll try by saying it was absolutely AMAZING! It was the perfect way to kick off the summer– if not THEE event of the summer (already)! The weather was great and so many awesome people came out. There were curly girls with all different koils, textures and colors–it was just beautiful. I loved seeing women come together and embrace their natural beauty and love who they are.


Not only did we get to hang with some of our favorite curl friends suchas RockYoRizos, Clothesconscience, MamaKBest, Alex_Elle, Afroista, StyleCarmen, Princesslinzz and more– but we ate food and ice cream, laid out in the sun, hoola hooped, blew bubbles, and danced a lot (my favorite part). There was also a scavenger hunt and as well as vendors there selling unique items and even giving away some goodies– and you know we all love free, lets be real.

But I truly had such a great time. I didn’t want to leave! I loved soaking in the sun, moving with the music, and just having fun. I felt like everyone knew eachother– there were no strangers. People would just go up to each other and start talking, I loved it! I was literally just overwhelmed by all the love and support and I met so many beautiful people who are beautiful both inside and out and thats what I loved about it. I left super inspired. Thank you Charisse, Gia, Melody, Tracy and Simone of Curly Girl Collective for putting on this event and giving me the honor to be apart of it! You are amazing.


ClothesConscience, Me, QueenOfAngola, MoKnowsHair

Simone and Charisse, 2 of the 5 Curly Girl Collective Founders

DJ Hollywood


My love RockYoRizos and the beautiful Alex_Elle

Wobble baby



Thank you Vaughn Dabney for the beautiful photos!

Hope to see you all there next time (yes, I’m hoping there is a next time lol ;) )



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