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I am super excited and honored to be joining published portrait photographer Denisse Benitez (@thugnanny_) of Denisse Benitez Photography and fashion and life style blogger Jeanne Grey (@the.grey) of Grey Layers in their first ever Brainbabes Workshop as a guest speaker on February 21st right here in New Jersey!

I’ve known Denisse for over 3 years and she has taught me so much about the blogging world. She has taken 90% of my professional photos, designed me and my sister, @Taralindaaa’s blogs,   and continues to give me just pure amazing blogging advice.

Jeanne is another lovely friend of mine with tons of experience working with numerous brands as a blogger and brand influencer as well has having almost 50K followers on Social Media. She has so much information to offer!

So what is Brainbabes? It is a blog & design workshop. It’s an afternoon full of amazing information, activities, and ideas that will set you and your blog apart. They teach basics in blogging on a WORDPRESS platform. They also give you an amazing list of resources to help you keep your blog on the right track. Even if you don’t have much experience in the blogging world, the information they provide will leave you confident and ready to begin your blogging journey. For those of you who are already killing it, they’re just here to refresh and teach you a few new things. Continue reading to Here are some of the topics they will discuss!


What is it that you want to accomplish with your blog?

What type of demographic should you direct your blog towards?

What category do you fit best into? (ex. lifestyle, fashion, food)


Learn how to promote your blog on several social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


This is one of our hottest topics. Here you will learn the basic steps to preparing your blog for a well deserved pay day.


Working with boutiques, corporations and individual sellers all requires the same dedication, precision and work. Here you will learn how to properly approach brands for collaborations, features and more!


Our award winning and published photographer Denisse will teach you tips and tricks to taking the best photos for your blog and Instagram. This is also followed by a complementary headshot and outfit photo for your blog.


I’ll be speaking on how to network in order to build and expand your brand and create valuable, long lasting relationships!


We believe one of the best ways to share and network is by breaking bread together. You’ll be provided with a delicious lunch while we network and get to know each other better.


Although throughout the class you have the freedom to ask questions, this time will strictly be you speaking to us. We want to make sure you leave with a clear and precise understanding of what your next steps are.


At the end of the day after our group photo, we will send you off with a #BRAINBABE goodie bag full of perfectly curated items just for you!

To sign up, click this link here. I have a special code just for you to get $10 off! Use BBJESS15! Registration ends soon on January 31st and seats are filling up fast so make sure you sign up ASAP! You will not want to miss this!

We can’t wait for you to join us!



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