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2014 New Years Goals for Natural Hair


So as you can see in my last post, I just put together my goals for 2014. But I also want to have some goals for my hair this year as well! I really want my hair to get long and healthy so I am going to make some goals that will help me get there. Some of these goals are things I do already–but I want to make sure I keep doing them and I also want to give you ladies some ideas for your natural hair goals. So here they are:

1. Deep condition every week

Deep conditioning is so important! I talk about this a lot on here to make sure ya’ll hear me! Lol but really–especially in these cold winter months our hair needs extra tender love and care. So make sure you are moisturizing as much as possible! Use a good conditioner (I use either Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Mask or Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner). Both are great! And I also use the Huetiful Hair Steamer. It penetrates the conditioner 5 times more than normal! So I definitely recommend it.

2. Do Protein Treatments Every 6-8 Weeks

I just started getting into protein treatments recently. I didn’t even realize how much natural hair needs it! I had a sew-in weave for 2 months that I took out a few weeks ago and when I did my hair that was braided up was super mushy and frizzy. The curls weren’t getting defined at all not matter what I did! It was the weirdest thing and I had never experienced it before. I tried the ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and it worked so well! It was a miracle! My curls bounced back and were back to normal. I was so happy you have no idea! So I am going to make this apart of my regimen now. Our hair needs a balance between protein and moisture (Yes, believe it or not you can over moisturize your hair). So adding the protein helps to balance your hair, strengthen it, and repair damage (including some levels of heat damage).

3. Do a No-Heat Challenge

Last year I did one for 7 months! Sheesh! I was actually really quiet about this and didn’t really advertise it in case I changed my mind lol. But I did it from March to September and it surprisingly went really fast. But I think its because it was in the Spring and Summer so I couldn’t really wear it straight anyway. It was too humid and I had no desire to.

I definitely noticed a difference in my hair from being heat free. My curls were more defined, less frizzy, and shinier. So I might not do one as long this year– but I will do at least a 3 or 4 month one for sure.

4. Trim your ends

This goal probably isn’t too hard for most of us because I think many people are used to having some sort of trimming regimen. Some people even trim their hair as often as every 6-8 weeks! (Which I don’t recommend by the way). I just trim my hair when I start seeing dry and/or split ends. I try to really protect my ends, so I only need to trim it every 6-8 months. But just make sure you do cut your ends whenever you start seeing them become split because letting them linger can cause further damage and stop you from retaining length!

5. Seal your ends

Sealing your ends is simply using an oil to literally “seal in” moisture. So sometimes I’ll wet my ends with water (water is the best moisturizer) at night and then apply jojoba oil on top of my ends to lock in the moisture. I also do this while styling my wash and go’s. Olive oil, Grape Seed oil, Aloe Vera, and Raw Shea butter are also some great sealants.

I hope these goals gave you some ideas as you start the new year and continue on (or even start) your natural hair journey! What are your natural hair new years goals? Comment below and let me know!



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