My Fitness Journey

IMG_1355If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I’ve been on somewhat of a fitness journey for the past 9 months or so. I’ve always been pretty in shape both naturally from a fast metabolism and athletic build to being active in middle school high school. I was on the swim team and basketball team in middle school and I ran track in high school, so I was really fit. When I went to college I kept up with working out somewhat, but when I graduated I basically completely fell off.  Work and “life” itself seemed to get in the way. However I started to become unhappy with my body because of it. I “liked it” — it was decent. But I just knew it wasn’t the best it could be and I wasn’t at my full potential. I knew I could LOVE it and have full confidence if I really worked out and took my fitness seriously.

IMG_1253 IMG_1433So in order to push myself I decided to hire a personal trainer. Workout partners and going on my own wasn’t working and keeping me consistent no matter what I did. I figured that if I had someone one on one to push me that it would help me to keep going. Also in a practical sense I knew that if I was paying someone, I would waste money by skipping out and not going (I still have to pay for missed sessions).

IMG_1408 IMG_1403So I started out with a personal trainer, Nnenna (@Nnennabenz) in July who was awesome but our schedules simply didn’t work well for each other. However she helped me get into the routine of training and establish a foundation. Then in December I started training with Heba from (@Evolve.nation) and I really started to see a difference in my body. My muscles became more toned, I gained healthy weight, and my posture even improved due to the workouts and the increase in my confidence as well. She really pushes me way harder than I knew my body could go and I see the results tremendously in just a short 4 months.

4 Months Difference After Working Out with Heba from

IMG_1325 Now that I have seen this transformation my confidence has increased and I am completely in love with my body. Working out has finally become apart of my lifestyle and something I will never stop doing. I still don’t love actually working out– of course it is super hard and there are times during my workouts that I want to give up. But the feeling of accomplishment after is amazing and the results make it so worth it! It has really transformed my life!

IMG_1386 IMG_1308If you are having trouble working out like I did, try working with a personal trainer! It is so worth it. Yes, it is more expensive than simply getting a gym membership, but it is truly an investment into yourself and to me it is priceless. Even it means cooking more at home instead of eating out or shopping less, it is worth prioritizing to get into the shape you desire.

IMG_1256 IMG_1248If a personal trainer is a route you still don’t want to go, try singing up for a gym that has good classes. Equinox is an example of a great gym with very intense and beneficial classes that could help push you and really provide a great intense workout.

IMG_1273At the end of the day though, it is all up to you. Unless you have a medical condition that is stopping you, there is no excuse! Instead of complaining and being unhappy with your body, do something to change it! Eat healthier, watch less TV, go out less, whatever it is you have to do! No one told me to embark on this journey — it was up to me to do it.  The only person stopping you is yourself!

IMG_1391Photography: Denisse Benitez Photography

Sports Bra: Old Navy

Leggings: Target

Sneakers: Adidas

 I’m soo excited to announce that I will be guest hosting the #BeTheBetterFit Camp crafted by Certified Fitness Specialist @MrBeTheBetter in two weeks on Saturday, April 15th at 10:00 AM and I would love for you guys to join us! It will be an active wellness session engineered to yield change and create the results you’ll LOVE. Early bird tickets are now on sale for $20 at Get them now though because prices go up tomorrow! It’s going to be so fun! (But definitely be prepared to break a sweat lol 💦). Let’s get fit together! 💪🏽

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