Feature Friday Men’s Edition: Taj Reed

Today I have my second male feature for Feature Friday. I love that I decided to have men apart of the website because I am realizing that natural hair is not just limited to women! So I am excited to have Taj Reed, a model and life style blogger. He is a super dope and humble gentleman with great advice for both men and women. I know you all will really enjoy this read! :)

1. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Taj Reed and I’m a model and lifestyle blogger living in New York City, New York. My hobbies are plenty but I’m probably most into discovering new artists (especially musicians), taking weekend trips with my close friends, and exercising…a lot of exercising.

I also enjoy taking ridiculously long showers, which is more of a vice than a hobby.

2. So it’s not as common to see men with natural hair. Most just cut it off and have a low cut or fade or whatever. What made you decide to grow yours out and how long has it been grown out?

My hair has changed styles, lengths and even colors throughout my life. I’ve tried every style from braids, a mop of a ponytail, side parts, natural curly fro’s, the curly/fade situation I have going on now to a rat tail between ages 4 and 5. Most of my hairstyle choices are twofold. 1: self-expression 2: proximity to a really good barbershop.

3. How would you describe your hair?

I’d describe my hair as soft and lovely (and by lovely I mean curly). My mother has a beautiful head of hair and I’d like to think that she passed that trait to me.

4. Who cuts your hair? Do you go to a barber or a salon that specializes in natural hair?

In New York I frequently go to The Blind Barber, an awesome shop in the Lower East Side and usually see my guy Ryan. Whenever I have the opportunity I head to my hometown of New Jersey and visit the chair of the lady who gave me my first hair cut, Ms. Ailene. She’s now in her late 60s but still cuts hair like nobodies business!

5. Do you have a hair regimen?

My regimen is simple. Trim every other week and co-wash, every to every other day.

6. What products do you use?

The only two products I use are 100% natural Argan Oil from Whole Foods and Shea Moisture brand Co Wash that I sneak from my girlfriend’s shower caddy.

7. How do you style your hair?

After showering I’ll dry my hair with something that isn’t too fibrous, ideally a cotton shirt (tip from Christina Santini ), add a few drops of argan oil, and either brush or style with my hands to my liking.

8. What challenges have you had with your hair?

My biggest challenge with my hair has always been finding a barber that understands my growth pattern. Everyone’s hair grows differently and in order for a haircut to really suit your face it’s important that the person cutting it can work with the growth pattern and texture.

9. Would you ever cut your hair off? Why or why not?

I’m not apposed to cutting it because it grows quickly but I prefer having hair.

10. What is your view on women and natural hair?

I’m a huge supporter! Naturally maintained hair is the most beautiful hair a woman could have. In fact, my good friend Alex Elle of The Good Hair Blog and my girlfriend Sydney are responsible for my appreciation of and education in what has become a natural hair culture.

11. Is there a website/IG/Youtube we can find you?

For sure. My website and place where I share most of my journey’s is http://wordtotaj.com. My handle on Instagram/Twitter is @TajReed.

12. Is there any other advice you’d like to leave for the fellas? Or hey, for the women even!

Grooming advice: Argan oil, Argan oil and more Argan oil in moderation.

Life advice: A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle. Lets all live like candles.

I love that quote! Awesome interview right? Leave your comments and feedback below and don’t forget to follow him on social media and check out his website for more pictures and such :).




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