Feature Friday: Billie Hilliard of Billie Hilliard LLC Jewelry Line

Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography
Today’s feature friday is very different than my usual. Instead it being about natural hair, I am featuring Billie Hilliard, the CEO and creator of Billie Hilliard, LLC Jewelry line. I had the honor of receiving 3 of her beautiful pieces and modeling them. I absolutely loveee the line! Each piece is handmade uniquely by Billie herself and so much detail goes into it. It’s super versatile so I wear the jewelry almost every day whether I’m dressing up or down. The quality is great so I know I’ll be able to wear it forever. I also loved the presentation it came in. It came with a handwritten letter and beautiful packing.
Despite being in love with the jewelry, Billie is a beautiful person both inside and out and truly an inspiraiton. She is an example of hard work and dedication. I really enjoyed this interview. She gave such encouraging advice and it is great for anyone who wants to follow their dreams. Check it out below!

Introduce yourself !

Hello, I’m Billie Hilliard CEO/Designer at Billie Hilliard LLC. I was born and raised in Houston, TX but now reside in Atlanta, GA with my husband and two daughters. I love God, family, art, traveling and anything related to design and fashion.

So tell us about Billie Hilliard!

Billie Hilliard is a custom signature concepts brand offering handcrafted jewelry. Every piece is fabricated through an array of techniques, mediums, and materials including the “Lost Wax Method” of casting for reproduction. I have designed the pieces to be timeless and passed down as heirlooms. They are not dated and do not follow a trend. Every piece, whether sharp and aggressive, or soft and gentle, is intended to represent those who wear them. I’m very proud to say that every piece is made in our workshop right here in the in Atlanta, GA, USA!


Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography

What made you decide to create it?

When I envisioned my brand, I wanted to create a new way to “Gift”. I wanted to offer a gift giving and receiving experience people could rely on for any and every gifting occasion. If you ever get to experience receiving a “Billie Box”, you will know what I mean. Because I’m such a presentation person, I wanted to pay close attention to the packaging. Each piece comes with a hand script scroll that is personalized with the recipients name describing our fabrication process, a jewelry bag, plush tissue paper all tied up and sealed with a collectable bronze BH charm.

Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography

What inspires you?

Designing and being in the presence of other creative people inspires me. Traveling and experiencing new places, cultures and customs also inspires me. I’m very sensitive to my surroundings so I’ve found that if you slow down long enough and pay attention, inspiration is all around you!


Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography

What is one of the biggest challenges you face?

Being a designer or having a “Creative Mind” often times has me all over the place. When I’m in an incredibly creative flow, I have to discipline myself to remain organized and remember that I am a businesswoman as well. So setting reminders, writing a detailed daily list of “To Do’s” is crucial for me.

How do you deal with the struggle of there being so many jewelry companies out there and having so much competition?

I have to say that I have prayed about this a lot. I truly believe that if you are here on this earth its because God placed in you gifts that are only specific to you. If you marinate on that, believe it, and accept it then you will also come to the conclusion that there really is no competition, it’s all in your head. There are enough people in the world for everyone to have their own audience.


Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography

Where do you see yourself and Billie Hilliard 5 years from now?

Being a leader in handcrafted custom lifestyle accessories. Working on artistically challenging fashion editorials, and opening the first Billie Hilliard flagship store.

Which is your favorite piece?

I would have to say the Jimmie Cuff is my favorite. I wear it every day with everything! The Jimmie Collection overall is very dear to me as it is named after my maternal grandmother who was the epitome of a true lady and who loved and nurtured my creativity from a young child.


Photos by Denisse Benitez Photography

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own company?

The best advice is proceeding without fear. So many people live their lives afraid to take chances. Don’t waste a second thinking about all you need to have or don’t have in place. Thank god for what you do have and start there. Just leap and I promise you the net will certainly appear.


Anything else you’d like to share?

If you want to gift yourself or someone else with a timeless meaningful piece, consider Billie Hilliard Custom Signature Concepts.

Peace, Love & Blessings,


Wasn’t that an awesome interview? I truly enjoyed it and working with her! If you like her jewelry (which I’m sure you do!) you can purchase it from her website,!



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