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This post is an advertisement by Cotton   IMG_0317 copy As you may know, I try to keep my lifestyle as natural as possible, for my hair, skincare, food, and even clothing! That is why I try my best to make sure my clothing and home accessories are cotton-rich. I’ve teamed up with Cotton to show you how, and all of the great benefits of it!     IMG_0322 copyCotton is my favorite for a reasonSM. Cotton-rich clothes are especially perfect for the summer because they are soft, breathable, and cling-free. Since cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics, you don’t have to worry about sweating throughout these hot summer days and nights. Another thing I love about cotton is that it doesn’t pill! This is one of my biggest pet peeves about other fabrics. I hate when I buy a nice shirt and then as soon as I wash it there are balls of tangled fibers on it. Cotton, however, sheds any pills in the wash so you won’t ever see them appear on your clothing—it stays smooth.   IMG_0346 copySo how do you know if your garments are cotton-rich? Pretty simple! Check your labels to make sure they follow the below guidelines:

  • 90% cotton or higher for denim
  • 60% cotton or higher for all other apparel
  • 100% cotton for home goods                  IMG_0370 copyHere is a whole simple and cute look I put together with cotton-rich clothing.   IMG_0388 copyDress: 100% cotton   Jacket: 98% cotton   Canvas shoes: 100% cotton   I felt so comfortable in this outfit with my flowy dress and airy, breathable cotton fabric. It’s so easy to recreate outfits like this and more all summer just by checking the labels while you shop and looking to see what you already have in your wardrobe!   IMG_0313 copy   IMG_0415 copy   IMG_0358 copy   IMG_0363 copyFashion that functions is always in style. That’s why so many things in your closet are made of cotton. It’s breathable, durable, comfortable, and washable. It’s high end and low maintenance. So check your labels for cotton, and feel as good as you look. Learn more:   imageNot only do I check the labels of my clothes, but I check the labels of my bedding as well. I like to sleep comfortably without sweating and such, so I always get 100% cotton sheets and covers since it’s a breathable fabric.


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Dress (old, similar)




Bracelets and Here

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