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Photography by Denisse Benitez Photography

This fabulous romper and white wide legged pants were made in Paris from I’ve been really loving this simple, clean and classic look lately. Maybe it’s because I’m turning 24 in 5 days? LOL but I really like this mature look.


Believe it or not, I’ve really never been that into red, but lately I’ve really had a huge thing for it.

Its so bold and classy and a great way to add color to your fall and winter wardrobe. It could be warn all year and really makes a statement. So I adored this La Parisienne Noir jumpsuit! I love the fit and comfortable, stretch material.

IMG_5224 IMG_5100 IMG_5096 IMG_5064 IMG_4995 IMG_5124 IMG_5145 IMG_5209

Now about these Karina pants! I’ve been looking for the perfect wide legged white pants for over a year and I am so happy I finally found these!

IMG_4441They are super high waisted so they were perfect to wear with a crop top. This elongated my legs and made me look taller than I really am (I’m only 5’4, could you tell? Lol). I paired it with a black long sleeve crop top since black and white is always a classic.

IMG_4415 IMG_4418 IMG_4428  IMG_4498  IMG_4500 IMG_4502  IMG_4595 IMG_4663

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