3 Ways To Wear A Blazer With Bar III #SettingTheBar

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Blazers are one of those statement pieces that are truly timeless. I don’t remember a time period where they weren’t in style. I even have memories playing dress up in my Mom’s closet growing up and trying to wear hers with the huge shoulder pads in them! Not much has changed because to this day, I am always sure to have a few blazers in my closet (but without the huge shoulder pads, lol). A blazer truly is a statement item and must have in everyone’s wardrobe.

I love them because they are classic, flattering, and versatile! You can wear them with any look and dress it up or down. It really helps to make sure you are #settingthebar at all times whether it is for lunch, for work, or for a night out! I am going to show you 3 different ways to wear a blazer showing you completely different looks and styles with Bar III!

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This first look is really fun and chic. You could really wear this to any occasion! I would wear it to anything from a party, a wedding, and even a date! ;). I love how the stripes really elongate my legs, and black and white is always a great combo. I added a little pop of color too by wearing a red lip and shoes!

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This second look is a little edgier. I paired the blazer with a loose blouse, fitted jegging, and chunky heels. This could be a great day to night outfit because you can wear it to work, and then keep it on for dinner or a night out with friends in the city. The pants are stretchy and the shoes have a great platform with a thick heel, so it’s a really comfortable outfit to wear for a long period of time!

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This final look is my favorite! I love dressing down pieces that might traditionally be considered dressy. This blazer looks amazing with this ribbed pencil skirt and sneakers. It’s perfect for a busy day in the city where you want to be both cute and functional!

I love Bar III because their clothes always ensure that I am #settingthebar at anytime, place, and function. I always look and feel my best in their clothes!

What are some of your ways to wear a blazer? There are so many more and I would love to hear your ideas! Also check out Bar III’s video where they show you their 3 ways here!

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