What I’m Wearing: Frizz Free Curls Bloggers Cruise

Happy Monday beauties! I hope yours was pretty good despite how hard Mondays can be *sighs*. But anyways! I decided to add a brand new segment to my blog called “What I’m Wearing”. Obviously I won’t be sharing what I’m wearing now– because I’m wearing sweats and a Rutgers T-shirt at moment. But I’ll just sharing what I might have worn the day beforeee or this week or maybe just some quick fashion tips. I’ve always absolutely loved fashion, but never really thought of blogging about it. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a “fashionista” but I get so many questions on my outfits so I figured, why not just share what I know? Plus you’d be super surprised at where I shop. I find so many gems for really cheap at places you probably wouldn’t ever think of!

So my first outfit I’m going to share is the one I wore yesterday at Frizz Free Curl’s Blissful Cruise! I had such a great time there and my outfit really made me feel like I was cruising away on vacation (wishful thinking though *lol*). Here are the deets:

Jumpsuit: Surprisingly it was from Mandee’s. Crazy right!? I hadn’t even shopped there until a few months ago since high school probably. But recently I’ve been finding some really cute gems there. When people ask me “where is your outfit from” I almost want to whisper it cause lets face it, we all know Mandee’s can be a little ratch (no offense to anyone who shops at Mandee’s on a regular :-X). But this was only $29! Can’t beat that! And I actually had already bought another outfit, but when I saw this in the window display I just knew it’d be perfect for the event.

Shoes: for a little over $20!

Purse: H&M for $12. Can’t beat that price and I wear it with so many outfits!

Watch: March Jacobs (Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor)

Lipstick: Ruby Woo from MAC. Definately a favorite and staple of mine. I just feel so beautiful with it on– I love it!

And that’s it! So as you can see it doesn’t really matter how much you spend on clothes and definately doesn’t matter what the brand is. Of course you can definately tell the difference in the quality and longevity, but with fashion trends coming and going (and the world of Instagram where once you post on outfit on IG its basically dead), theres no point in wasting a ton of money on clothes. Save it for investing in good quality shoes, bags, watches, etc.

What are some of your favorite places to shop? Do you have a place where you always find “gems” for a low price or a place you’d never expect to? Comment below and let me know!



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