On The Go With Albertine

If you know me, or even just follow me on any of my social media platforms, you know that I am literally always on the go. I work full time, basically blog full time, and have a very busy social life. There are many days where I have to go straight from work to a blog event or party right after. So when I discovered these Alessandra Alberta Chiolo “Albertine” shoes with their changeable heels and platforms, I was sold right away!


The “Albertine” concept has been developed to allow modern women, always running between work, and free time, to change look with easiness, giving a huge variety to their look effortlessly. Upper, heels and platforms compose the Albertine. By combining different models of these last two elements, it is possible to customize the shoes. For each two models of the shoes there are 30 heels and 30 platforms for a total of 3600 combinations!

unnamed3The hooking system is super easy and quick to use too. You can change the heel or platform with just a click of a button allowing a seamless combination of the different elements.

Albertine is also 100% made in Italy with the best materials and use of the most advanced technologies.


There is now a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the distribution of the shoes in the US Market and the launch of a special edition “Made in USA” model! You could help contribute and be apart of the US launch of this revolutionary shoe by clicking here!


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