A Little Taste of Spring

Spring by heygorjess featuring polish jewelry

Proenza Schouler crop shirt
$990 –

Short black skirt
$250 –

Gianvito Rossi stiletto pumps
$830 –

Reed Krakoff mini handbag

Sydney Evan gold jewellery
$820 –

As most of you on the east coast know, yesterday mother nature was finally nice to us after a brutal, cold, blizzard-filled winter and gave us a taste of Spring. I was pretty sure I lived in Jersey, not Alaska– but this winter had me a little confused. But anyway yesterday was beautiful out and it got me excited to start wearing Spring clothes! I know most people love fall clothes, but I think Spring and Summer is the best. So I put together this little outfit together inspired by the warm weather.
When putting this together I really wanted to use color because when you think Spring– you obviously think color. But I just couldn’t stay away from black! I really really tried but the black pieces just kept pulling me in! It has always been my favorite color and you really can’t go wrong with it. Plus, who said you can’t wear black during the Spring and Summer??
So I chose this adorable skirt with a black and white crop top. If you know me or even follow me, you know I love my crop tops lol. The hint of white in it helps to brighten up the outfit and make it more “Springy”.
My favorite part of this though is the BAG. I absolutely loveee neon. I fell in love with this color after my good friend (and sometimes stylist for shoots and such), Phoebee Rena let me borrow her neon clutch. I ended up keeping it for the entire summer and wearing it everyday until I felt guilty enough to give it back (lol). It just gives the perfect pop of color the outfit needs.
Shoes– I lovee these. You can’t go wrong with a pointy toe heel and the pattern matches the one on the bag perfectly! And then I topped the outfit off with some cute accessories.
So now you might be thinking, this outfit is crazy expensive– lol. And yes, it is. I’d never buy most of these items. But it’s not about the prices, just the look. I actually have the Marc Jacobs watch and you can get it for about $200 at Nordstroms which isn’t too bad because I literally wear it everyday. Its a good investment. And the Prada glasses? I’ve gotten a great imitation pair on the streets of Soho for 5 bucks! I don’t care how much money I might make, I’d probably still choose the $5 ones over the $500 ones lol.
As far as the other items– H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Asos are reasonable places to get these items. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like you did.
I hope this outfit got you excited and inspired for the Spring and I can’t wait until it really starts to stay warm so we can enjoy it!

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