Confidence In Christ

vscocam169“…We glory and pride ourselves in Jesus Christ, and put no confidence in the flesh and on outward privileges and physical advantages and external appearances.” Philippians 3:3

More and more I am realizing that many women lack confidence. No matter how confident a woman may seem, there is still something she isn’t happy about. We can look great and have the “perfect” hair, skin, body, and whatever else, yet still be so self conscious.

I’ve come to realized that the more I take my eye’s off Christ and instead put them on people, money, a career, etc, the less confident I am in myself. I start comparing myself to others and trying to live up to the world’s expectations. I nit-pick at the little things about myself that aren’t “perfect”, and I start to question who I am. This is all because without Christ, I literally cannot know who I am. I truly find my identity in him. Without him of course I won’t be satisfied! Because we are imperfect people in an imperfect world. But with Christ–he makes up all the difference. He takes away our insecurities and reminds us who we are in him. We shouldn’t look outward to our flesh and worldly things for our confidence. But only in Christ. In him we are loved, forgiven, beautiful, righteous, pure, redeemed— I can go on and on. But we can’t ever know what God believes about us if we don’t seek him! We must know who God is, and then he will show us who we are.

I’ll be honest, it isn’t always easy seeking God. With school, work, family, friends, Church, and so many activities going on– I can get so distracted and busy that I let these things consume my life and I don’t spend enough time with my first love. But there is no excuse for that. God wants all of us. Not just a few minutes squeezed in our busy schedule. He wants us to know him and tell us how much we are worth to him, instead of us trying to find confidence in the world. Confidence in him is the only confidence we can have. So be intentional in spending time with him. Pray and meditation on scripture. Turn off your phone, put your work aside and give God your full attention (speaking to myself right now too!). God will honor it and give you confidence in him that can’t be taken away.

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