Change is Good

Ahhhhhh I am SO stoked right now you have no idea! I am at my girl Denisse’s house (aka Thug Nanny lol) and we just totally revamped ! I absolutely loveee it!! It is so me now and I just feel so refreshed because of it! It has been only a short but full 9 months since I launched my website but so much has changed in that time.

So why did I change my website you might ask? (Or maybe you aren’t asking at all but I am going to tell you anyway lol). Well Heygorjess is a big part of me and I have changed. So with that, I wanted my blog to change as well to reflect who I am and becoming. I feel like I have been growing and maturing more into who I really am. I’m literally growing up.

I was actually scared of this a little bit at first. Sometimes you can even put yourself in a box and get so used to being comfortable and doing things the same way. And a big thing was that some people don’t like when you change and can’t embrace it. They want you to stay the same as they met you and keep you to confined to their own perception of you. But I am learning that at the end of the day I have to do whats best for me and let myself be who I want to be. And so I have to keep people around me who allow me to grow and love me through it all.

Psalms 139:1-4



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