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My Fitness Journey

IMG_1355If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I’ve been on somewhat of a fitness journey for the past 9 months or so. I’ve always been pretty in shape both naturally from a fast metabolism and athletic build to being active in middle school high school. I was on the swim team and basketball team in middle school and I ran track in high school, so I was really fit. When I went to college I kept up with working out somewhat, but when I graduated I basically completely fell off.  Work and “life” itself seemed to get in the way. However I started to become unhappy with my body because of it. I “liked it” — it was decent. But I just knew it wasn’t the best it could be and I wasn’t at my full potential. I knew I could LOVE it and have full confidence if I really worked out and took my fitness seriously.

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Seeing Stripes

IMG_1185 copyIMG_1113 copyIf you live in the New York are you know that this weather has been completely unpredictable! Some days it feels like Spring, and the next it’s back to winter weather lol. I’m loving every minute of the warmer days and definitely taking advantage of the opportunity to wear dresses and skirts! I love this striped dress from It’s really versatile made out of a knit material and off the shoulder detail which is one of my favorite looks!

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